Friday, February 03, 2012
... I Dont Understand ...

What's on the freaking earth with you boy

  1. It has been a while since I last commented about Mr Stitch did I ... Ouh well, last nite, he "accidentally" texted me ... & I am freaking pissed cause I DO NOT CARE LESS about him anymooore ! Is he feeling guilty that he hurt my heart ?? Or wait . Has he just broken up with his a-bit-older gurlfren that he decided to start fresh with me ... Two words for him; F*** *FF ! Can you pretty pretty puhlease stop bugging my life ....
  2. Secondly, boys live with this phrase : It is NOT OK for girl to abuse boy, however, it is OK for boy to abuse girl . Tell you what, IT'S FUCKING BULLSHIT dick . Im sooo pissed with a boy who I just knew ... & of course, he didnt knew me well and how I talk over de fone ... Perhaps I dont sound like his mummy, he started to verbal abuse me ... Let me tell you this : "You are TOTALLY welcome to verbal abuse me . Say all you want ... Ape dier? Tak sangka girl tudung perangai cam ni ... Ape lagi??? I give bad impression to you ... Boy ! Kau cakap je lah yang kau memang LOSER . For all I know, I DONT GIVE A DAMN . Takkan pasal satu jantan ni, aku nak emo-emo ... Bersedih cause kene abuse ... Nampak sangat perangai budak kencing ."
  3. Im sorry for the harsh language, but I need to let them out .

Psst ... Im hoping that none of my students happened to come across this page .

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